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News Audience Metrics Article Published in IJMM

My second academic article has been published, this time by the International Journal on Media Management. It uses comScore data to examine if a relationship exists between different measures of online news audiences. I wrote it with my advisor, James G. Webster. It's online now, and will be in print in May.

Here's the abstract: 

Audience ratings data have long occupied the attention of marketers and media managers. These are the “currencies” that support the operation of commercial media. Today, metrics can be derived from many large datasets, raising the possibility that new kinds of currencies might emerge. We argue that data on exposure are the most likely to support currencies, and that these might well go beyond traditional measures of audience size and composition. We explore the relationship between the most plausible contenders for audience currencies: size and engagement as measured by time spent. Contrary to the “Law of Double Jeopardy,” we find these metrics to be uncorrelated in an online environment, suggesting that each might have a role to play as a currency. We conclude with a discussion of how the political economy of audience measurement is likely to affect audience currencies in the age of big data.

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